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July 2016

Maths can be FUN!

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Let’s make students fall in love with Maths againimage

I wanted to start to talk about Maths on my blog, because as a teacher a phrase I always struggle to hear is ‘I hate Maths.’ During my work in schools it was always my secret mission to help students fall in love with Maths. This will probably become a major topic on the blog. I discover new strategies about Maths.

1. ENCOURAGE and BE PATIENT! – Maths is the trickiest subject to grasp if you don’t have a mathematical mindset, but with the right teacher, students can reach the required potential to be successful. Go over and over with them because they will get there. It is such a good moment when the light bulb goes on.
2. Build the relationship – You are probably wondering what I am on about. I worked with a student who thrived on the fact I used both of us to explain the problem. He kept saying you need Miss B’s Bag as well as mine.
3. Set High Expectations – I think society has predetermined that all maths is hard, I think in some cases this has transferred into students. This is why in some cases I push my expectations a little harder, because I know they can do it.
4. Try novel themes to increase engagement. – My favourite one so far has to be my Beat the Teacher Addition Edition you can check it out here at and you can check out my other editions here at my Teachers Pay Teachers Store

There you have my top four strategies I am using in my Maths teaching at the moment in my classroom. Let me know your maths strategies teacher friends. You can comment down below or find me on social media @happyeducators.

Happy Wishes Teacher Friends
Kathryn Alison