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As a teacher, I never thought that I would be able to learn lots of new information at my home in my tracksuit bottoms and NCIS shirt, but with the use of social media I can. It is called iteachTVnetwork on Periscope. The iteachTVnetwork was founded by Sheila Jane from Sheila Jane Teaching. Sheila and her team of scopers scope about a variety of topics from classroom organisation, technology, literacy, getting the right teaching job, maths and science. The scopers are teachers with a variety of years of experience in teaching and the teacher blogger world. There are all USA teachers, but as a teacher from the UK a lot of the content has been really helpful and inspired a lot of the content in my Teachers Pay Teacher store, TES store and things I could implement in the classroom from September. I thought I would share with you some of my favourite iteachTVnetwork scopers.

1. Jen Jones (Hello Literacy) scopes every Friday at 9am EST scopes about all things literacy and she has made a lot of things clear from phonics to reading to writing. She really has boosted my confidence in literacy teaching.
2. Kami Butterfield (Teaching with App-itude) scopes her educational technology show called ‘I HAVE AN APP FOR THAT!’. She shares her experiences in a classroom, where it is 1 to 1 iPads. This show has helped me understand what technology is out there for my classroom and how most of it is free. Kami’s show is on the iteachTVnetwork at 8.30pm CST/ 6.30pm PST
3. Caitlin (The Styled Teacher) Caitlin is the only teacher fashion blogger I love to follow religiously. She has a very smart sense of style but also how to transition from teacher professional to weekend woman.
4. Ashley (Schroeder Shenanigans in 2nd) THE QUEEN OF ORGANISATION! This woman knows how to organise her classroom and Teacherpreneur life exactly how she wants it. I love her show and I always take away a head full of ideas and pages of notes for my own life. Her show on iteachTVnetwork is on every Tuesday at 6pm PST.
5. There are a variety of other scopers I watch for similar reasons as to the ones described above. Some of these are Kayla Delzer (Top Dog Teaching), Tony Vincent, Katie Shaffer, Amy Harris and Heather Campbell.

If you want to know more about how to access these amazing Periscopers all you have to do is follow iteachTVnetwork on Periscope and if you want more information about the iteachTVnetwork. You can check out their awesome website at You can like the Facebook page to to stay up to date on all the new updates.

Happy Wishes Teacher Friends

Kathryn A


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